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All parents share a desire to minimize the impact of divorce on the children. Each situation is unique - and it can be challenging to know how to keep the children out of the middle. You are the most important factor in how your children adapt to the changes - and it's important that you have all the support you can get.

By local rule of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Division of Domestic Relations, all parents with minor children who are parties to a divorce, dissolution, or legal separation action must attend a seminar within 45 days of filing in Franklin County. Action for Children has developed Putting the Children First with funding and support from the Court.

In-Person Seminar
In-person seminars are open only to those parents who have filed for divorce or dissolution in Franklin County (Ohio) and who have a valid case number assigned. You can register for the in-person seminar by clicking here, or by calling 614.224.0222, ext. 125. The brochure for this seminar can also be found by clicking here.

Online Seminar
Putting the Children First is available as an online program to anyone who is going through a divorce or dissolution, or who is looking for information about how to help children through the challenges of being parented in two homes. This online course is approved by the Franklin County (Ohio) Court of Domestic Relations for satisfying the requirement. Please read Is this Seminar for Me for additional information. Click here to access or register for the seminar. Please note, there is a $45.00 fee for the online seminar.

If you are in need of additional professional resources, Action for Children's Resource Directory may be helpful.

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