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How to Start a Child Care Center

The need for quality child care programs is very apparent when you consider that 75% of parents in the work force have children under the age of 5 years. Many parents experience difficulty in finding child care that is affordable, accessible and has an available space for their child.

Action for Children can do a Needs Assessment for your particular geographic location in Franklin, Delaware, and Union Counties.

For more information or to request a Needs Assessment, contact Nancy Currie at 614-224-0222, ext. 119 or email at

Starting a child care business can benefit you, the private entrepreneur, the families you serve and the community in which you live and work. The care and education of our youngest citizens during their early formative years lays the foundation for school readiness.

Owning and operating your own child care business is not without risk and requires an investment of time and exploration before opening the doors to children and families. Action for Children offers a special seminar, “How to Start a Child Care Center,” that will outline issues to consider before starting your own business; will provide you with an overview of the Child Care Licensing procedures and policies; offer suggestions for start-up steps; provide a packet of information including business formats, a business plan outline and a budgeting plan specific to the early childhood program. This seminar will offer suggestions on how to find and describe your market. Additional information includes the “how-to’s,” architecture, advertising your program, plans to reach potential customers, and hiring your staff.

We offer WebCheck Fingerprinting and Background Check services at our Columbus office. Click here to learn more.

For more information regarding this seminar at Action for Children, contact Jan Betz at 614-224-0222, ext. 513 or email .

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