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The cost of child care can be an unexpected realization for many families. Quality child care and early learning is often reflected in the price. You want the best for your child, but what if you can't afford it?

Below is information about programs available to help families with the cost of child care. Each has its own eligibility guidelines and processes. Contact information for the agencies that administer these programs is provided. You are encouraged to contact them for more information regarding their processes and your potential eligibility.

Publicly Funded Child Care or Title XX is a subsidy program supported by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and administered in the local department of each county. Parents who are working or in school can apply for help to pay for their child care in the county where they live by contacting your local opportunity center. You will need to choose a home provider certified by the county, a Head Start program, or a participating licensed child care center or school age program. You will still be required to pay for part of your child care (co-pay), based on your income, family size and the number of your children that will be in child care. You may be eligible for help to pay for your child care if you receive cash from Ohio Works First (OWF), formerly called ADC or welfare, or even if you no longer or never received OWF cash assistance, but your income is low. Program income eligibility guidelines are here.

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