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We recomment that you start your search by reviewing the section titled, Be Prepared. You might also want to download a copy of our Take the Time brochure to support your search. This is also available in Spanish: Tomese Su Tiempo Lista De Chequeo De Las 5C. At Action for Children, we maintain a database of more than 1,600 child care and early education providers in central Ohio. We can assist you in finding a provider who meets your criteria.

You have three ways to begin:

  1. Search Ohio Child Care on your own.
  2. Contact us by phone for the most comprehensive and personalized service at 1-855-302-4453 toll free.
  3. Email your referral request and an Action for Children resource specialist will respond to your request (usually within one business day) to help you focus your search.

For PTDD/Ohio Relay Service, call 1-800-750-0750.

Servicios de interpretacion esta disponibles llamando al 614-224-0222. En inglais, se requiere el nombre, numero de telefono y el idioma de la persona que est solicitando asistencia. Nosotros haremos los arreglos y uno de nuestros especialistas en recursos le regresar la llamada.

You can search our online database 24 hours a day. We recommend that you select the fewest number of search criteria that apply, as each choice you make can potentially narrow your search results. You can complete multiple searches for care in different locations or with different schedules by changing the information in those sections. Changing these options may increase the number of provider referrals you will receive. If you have questions or are not receiving any search results, please contact us by phone or email. After completing a brief profile of your family and your child care needs, you will have immediate access to the Action for Children database.

If you are looking for services in a county outside of central Ohio, you can also visit the Ohio Child Care Finder for a comprehensive search of providers throughout the state.

If you are looking for services outside the state of Ohio, please visit ChildCare Aware online to find child care and early learning programs in any state throughout the U.S.

After receiving a list of providers that match your criteria and a Take the Time brochure in the mail, you can use the information on the Take the Time checklist to visit with potential providers and ask the questions that will help you in your child care decision. Choosing quality care is important, no matter which type of care you decide to use. Remember, your job doesn't end once you've made your decision. Remain involved, talk regularly with your provider and drop in occasionally to assess how things are going.

Action for Children maintains a policy of confidentiality regarding all data supplied by individuals requesting child care and early learning resources and services. Information is used internally in providing resource and referral services. Aggregate data and non-identifying information may be shared for reporting purposes and supply and demand requests. No personal information is shared.

Action for Children is not a regulatory agency, but it does believe in the importance of supporting the quality of child care and early learning by maintaining an effective system for documenting and responding to complaints. The agency will accept complaints in oral or written form from parents or other concerned individuals about the agency's services and staff, and licensed, certified or unregulated child care. The staff will help the complainant follow appropriate next-step procedures. Complaints will be recorded and handled in a confidential manner. Action for Children respects the richness of diversity and supports programs and services that meet the varied needs of diverse segments of the central Ohio community.

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