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Without a doubt, parenting is the most challenging and rewarding role you will ever experience. Children don’t come with an instruction manual and every child is unique. Take comfort in knowing that, despite the uniqueness of every child, each challenge you will face as a parent will be shared at the very same moment by hundreds of other parents.

Along with resources to help you in your search for child care, including the 5C Checklist and Take the Time brochure, Action for Children can be your source for support. In the Parent Guide section of this site, you will find information, resources and links to guide you through the many stages and experiences you will encounter during your child’s journey from birth through the teen years. Understanding what to expect at each stage of development can help you support your child's learning and manage behavioral concerns. You will come to recognize that there are many things you are already doing wonderfully. And that you already have the skills you need to be an exceptional parent. All we do is help you discover them.

In addition, on the Community Resource page, you will find resources in the central Ohio community to support you in your role as a parent.

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