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The time you take to find the right care for your child will be time well spent. Organize your search by first considering questions about:

Your needs and those of your child: Do you need child care close to home or close to your place of employment? What time of day or season of the year do you need care? Does your child have special needs? Your child’s age will also be a factor in deciding what type of child care setting is right for your child.

Types of child care settings: Do you like the home-like feel of a family child care home or do you prefer a child care center? Do you need before or after school care? Are you looking for a summer camp program? What are the licensing or accreditation options for providers?

The costs: Many factors affect the cost of child care, ranging from the age of the child, the type of setting, the location, the number of hours and time of care, and more. High quality programs and settings will usually cost more because the materials and staff qualifications result in additional expenditures. Financial assistance may be available for certain settings and family situations.

The interview and follow-up: You are probably familiar with the interview process when you are looking for a job. In this situation, you are on the other side of the interview—you are "hiring" a person or program who will provide your child with a safe and high quality early learning environment. It's important to plan your interview questions ahead of time, to ensure that you learn as much about the prospective setting as possible. But don't stop there—it's equally important to monitor the environment of the provider you choose on an ongoing basis, and to observe how your child responds to his or her setting.

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